Z-Energeia is designed to be installed on the Main DB Box in order to enhance electricity flow and bring about energy savings up to 18%.

The mission of Z-Energeia is to assist your household to reduce the usage of electricity thus results on savings on your electricity bills as such we have put together in place a bill monitoring exclusively for our clients. This is our commitment towards your savings.


How does Z-Energeia help to reduce your household electricity bills?

Z-Energeia is able to generate a prescribed EVA field (Electron Vibration Alignment Field) to align the electrons preventing randoms moving electrons from colliding onto one another which will result in useful electrical energy being wasted in the form of electromagnetic radiation and heat losses.

With Z-Energeia, the flow of electrons will be smoother and more useful electrical energy being channeled into your home appliances as a result it will no longer require to draw additional current to compensate the loss of useful electrical energy which will otherwise be wasted.

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Electrons moves freely in different directions thus resultant in greater resistance and higher wastage of energy

Electrons are aligned by the EVA field generated by Z Energeia thus resultant in greater efficiency and lower energy wastage

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Money Back Guarantee (MBG)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Z-Energeia Residential Home use only.
  • Z-Energeia needs to be installed on every Electrical Distribution Board (DB) in the Home. Proof of installation (photo) on every DB is required for qualification for MBG.
  • 6 months electricity bill before and 3 months electricity bill after Z-Energeia installation is required as Proof for MBG qualification.
  • Original Purchase receipt is required confirming purchase amount and date of purchase.
  • Z-Energeia guarantees a minimum saving of 5% and above on Residential Home electricity consumption under this MBG program.
  • Calculation of actual percentage savings achieved from Z-Energeia installation will be based on a 6 months electricity bills before Z-Energeia installation, standard deviation average calculation method to establish the baseline, for comparison to the 3 months electricity bills after installation. Qualification for MBG will be based on this calculation method, with consideration to Item 5 above – minimum savings guarantee.